Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Day 8 - A Little About the Barn/Stable Where You Ride

Being Australian we call the place where we keep our horses 'agistment', 'the paddock' or simply 'the horse' i.e. "I'm just going out to the horse, don't bother waiting around for me!"

As you know I keep my horses at home. I don't ride at home much as the footing sucks. But I will tell you about my place.

We rent 3 acres which is divided into four large yards for the horses, plus three stables and a tack room. I have the tack room as a general storage with one of the stables set up as a feed room, with my hay set up outside the stables but under the shelter.

Savanna, our old babysitter horse we borrowed, my my stable.
The stables are well set up, with high doors and metal screens in the walls so that the horses can see each other.

Allie in her stall - you can see the screen and Gracie behind her.
The tie ups we home-made. Allie just pulls the lead out of it now so we just tie her to this via twine now.
The fencing at my place is excellent - wooden, quite high with diamond wire to keep out dogs

The lane - you can see all four gates to the yards in this shot - the closest two and then two right down the end of the lane. I hate that dead tree - a large branch fell out of it recently onto the fence to the right of this photo and cracked it.
The footing for riding is rubbish. There is no flat area and he sort of flatish areas have dips and trees in the way.

You can see the slope to the place in this photo - we normally ride in that yard behind them - there is a flattish 20m circle there if we dodge around a tree. Also shows how tall the fencing is.
So as you see, my place is practical for keeping horses, just not for riding horses.


sally said...

your horse set up looks great although I know how frustrating it can be to not have good footing for riding. Hope the fires are well away from you guys .....my sister is just out of Scone and dreading the heat and fire danger. Stay safe

Karley said...

what a great set up!