Registered Name: Ballymount Alleycat
Stable Name: Allie
D.O.B: 25.09.06
Sire: Gwaihir Aubusson [San Domingo (Anglo) x Empress (TB)]
Dam: Jubilee Columbine [Carbine IMP (Hanoverian) x Cassiopeia (Australian Warmblood)]
Color: Dark bay
Height: 16.2hh

Allie is a sweet, affectionate mare with plenty of personality. She can be a massive goof ball, pulling her flehman face or clumsily jumping over gates to get back in to the paddock.

When I got her in 2010, she was barely broken in - she had walk and trot with a little turning and halt and that was about it. We spent over 12 months just getting out and about to varous places building confidence and experience. In 2012 we started dressage lessons and finally got out to a few dressage shows where she did well. We turned the focus from outings to training in 2013 and she was scheduled to go off to the trainer in September to be started over fences. This, however, did not eventuate as she came up lame with a suspensory injury that caused a stress fracture in the cannon bone of her left hind leg. Cue box rest, hand walking and boring old under saddle walking (straight lines only!!!) for months and months on end.

In March 2014, at the tail end of her rehab, Allie had some sinus issues which culminated in an unexplained bleeding nostril. She was taken to the vet and she was diagnosed with a complex odontoma (read: tumor of dental origin). After much discussion and a CT scan, we went to surgery on the 6th May 2014.

I had a baby in 2015 and in 2016 Allie and I finally made our eventing debut! 2016 and 2017 brought us more health issues, though. Allie now has Recurrent Airway Obstructive disorder (she's allergic to, well, everything basically), and also has a diastema (gap between teeth) where her tumour used to be, so isn't allowed to eat any hay or chaff or grain (just pellets and grass). We manage these conditions and she is stable enough to compete most of the time.

We are currently eventing at eva80 level. Long term I would love to have her show jumping over 1 meter, competing at medium level dressage and eventing at eva95.


After completing our very first one day event. This moment was huge for me.

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oh she's lovely!