Sunday, 13 January 2013

Day 14 - Your Dream Farm

Oh boy oh boy!

My dream farm would be set on 50 acres of land, with access to amazing trail riding straight off my property, with plenty of hills, bush, water (lake or beach) and maybe even mountain riding.

For the external fencing I would have the safest horse fencing you could get with electric stand off to keep them off it - and it would be high. No jumping out for my po po's!

I would use electric fencing for the internals (as it is movable).

The buildings would all be colonial Australian inspired - I grew up near a heritage listed colonial house called Mamre Homestead. I love the look and feel of it and the buildings would be a modernised version of this style of home.

Mamre House. Like this, but proper roofing and sandstone bricks. "Give me a home among the gum trees..."
I would have stables - maybe 10? But I probably wouldn't use them too often. I would have a full sized indoor dressage arena and an outdoor arena too. Part of my property would be set aside for a cross country course and I would also have an outdoor showjumping arena on the grass. I would have a large round yard for my breakers.

Like this, but sans baby. I don't know WTH that is all about!
I would have a paddock paradise type set up for the horses to be turned out in except for evening feed (if the horse needs an evening feed). The evening feed would be small and they would be fed separately. I would grow my own hay (native grass) for the winter.

SIGH! I will never afford all this. I'm looking at about $3 million in Sydney. It has kinda depressed me.

It is still nice to dream.


TeresaA said...

hey, dreams are free!

All that said, I got my a property that ticked most of my boxes. :)
19 acres, miles of trails etc. We built the barn and put in the fences. all that i'm lacking is an indoor. Maybe once the kids are done with uni.

Karley said...

Beautiful!!! I will move in with you lol!