Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Day 15- If you could speak to any horse, dead or alive, what would you say?

II'm sorry you had to teach me everything. You had to deal with being skinny when I didn't know how to feed you properly. You taught me how to trim. You had to deal with a teenager crying all over you when you just wanted to be treated with reverence and left alone. I'm sorry you died in that much pain that you had bashed your eyeballs in. :( Thank you for all you gave me, because it was everything you had to give. Also, were you REALLY an arab welsh cross?

My big chestnut boy, you were so handsome. Thank you for being the big lovable goofball you were. What was your favourite thing to do with me?

Are you happy? Do you like dressage? (Because I think you do). WHY won't you eat when you are anywhere other than your particular yard? You know that drives me batty. Are you excited to start jumping later this year? I hope you enjoy eventing and that we are good at it together.

To all of you - I love you with all my heart. You have given my life purpose and a reason to exist. You are all special horses each in your individual ways and I wish you had all been part of the same herd. Xoxo


TeresaA said...

what a good idea. The one about Pom made me sad though. I'm sorry that his death was not a kind one.

Adventures of the Super Ponies said...

I wish I could talk to my Belle horse and let her know I am sorry I wasn't there when she died.

Don't laugh but there was a pet psychic at a fundraiser for Dickie's rescue. She was doing discounted readings and all the funds when to Pony Up so I couldn't resist. I was ready to debunk her but she was RIGHT ON about all kinds of details. Stuff no one but Bre and I know. It was really cool and I want to do it again.