Anira and Pom

Gracies favourite hobby - and yet she still manages to stay clean?

Evan the kitteh!

Pom, 2003.

Allie and those ears!

Sweet old Becks checking out the mini-human.

Nat and Becks.

Becks prancing around like a fairy.

Gracie doing what she does best - being ignorant!
Nat and Lese - being silly!

A few days after we first got Grace... :|

The day she arrived - see how narrow her chest is?

Compare her chest to the above photo. Big difference huh?

From left - Becks, Lese, Gracie and Nat.

Lese swimming with Becks and Grace.

Anira whinnying  for Becks.
Enjoying a wither scratch.
Lese and Pom on Christmas day 2003.
Becks thinks ditches are easy - gravity does all the work!

Never trust a grey to keep clean!
Looking deceptively clean here - note the yellow tail.

Ahh.. to have an old horse again. Gone are the bare-back-with-a-halter-and-no-helmet days!