Sunday, 25 October 2015

Catch up points

Ok ok sorry. I really have been crazy super busy.
I've been doing uni, baby-ing, trying to ride, trying to sleep, trying trying trying.
I'm currently stuck in my driveway in the idling car while Evie naps after refusing to sleep for a whopping 5 hours. I am NOT moving her now.
Anyway, points:

- We took Allie to the vet to have her fetlock seen to. Vet was sure it was just a small infection so sent me home with some bute and antibiotics and it went away within a couple of days.
Thank f*$k. I really don't have any emotional energy left to spend on that horse, as awful as that sounds. I need to get some back from her first, I really do. Get what I mean?

- Since then, I've been doing a little schooling, a little riding out. We took the mares to the indoor arena and that went well.

- We've moved them to a paddock up the back where there is grass too and they seem to be happy. Tonight is their first night in the grass paddock overnight. Trying to wean them onto the grass slowly.

- We even rode them up to the new yard bareback today, as it's a bit of a hike from down the front. They were angels. God love them.

- In other news, I've lost all confidence over jumps. Even tiny little cross rails. Poor Allie can tell I won't commit and I take my leg off and she just won't do it if my heart isn't in it. So I'm hoping some lessons over fences will fix that, but it's the organising and the affording and the time for said lessons that's holding me back. It's so easy to fall into the habit of doing nothing each day, especially with a clingy cranky kid that won't let me walk 3 steps away from her at the moment. Sigh.

- I've been trimming a bit, loving it. Evie is normally happy to watch if I'm quick and she has a cartoon to watch, or if I have a helper to distract her.

- I've had a few inquiries about glue on shoes so I thought I had better practice again as I haven't put on a set since I was first pregnant. So Allie got her first set of shoes. They seem ok so far, she only took a couple of days to get used to them. I think she has a different elbow action in them than she normally does. She's super sound barefoot and doesn't need them, I've only put them on for practice. The glueing process gets easier each time.