Monday, 29 July 2013

Gracie Gets a Holiday

So Gracie made a mess of her superficial digital flexor tendon on her left hind. Vet said box rest six weeks, hand walking, etc etc etc blah blah. It will be horrible mentally for her. She HATES being in a box.

Nat is taking her home to be able to care for her properly. Probably 6 months recovery time if she doesn't overdo things. :(

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Gracie Grown Up

Gracie at 2 years old and again at 7 years old. <3

So, people ride their horses, right?

Because we don't.

Gracie has been kicking out at other horses and has cut herself and wacked her tendon too. Grrr.

They're both not in work. Neither of them are lame per se, but they are both recovering from injuries. Ugh.

Saturday, Allie's bandage comes off dammit and I'm riding her. Hopefully it's cold so I have an excuse to use my new pressie to myself.

Pretty, huh?

At least it's winter so we aren't missing much.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013


What is life like for me at the moment?

Tl:dr version - I'm WAY too busy. So much so I have ended up with tonsillitis.

Well, we are trialling an early shift at work at the moment - 7am to 3.30pm. There are three of us in my department and we all take turns for a week - so every third week I get to have way more horsey/husband time.

My trimming business is going awesome. I trim about 50 horses a month, on top of my full time job. Normally 10 on a Saturday, then a few others once or twice after work during the week and I also trim on the first Sunday of the month too.

Linda has been riding Allie for me once a week putting some dressage schooling into her, plus a bit of tough love. She is a lot calmer at the tie up now, doesn't shuffle around and scream out for Gracie anymore. She is like a different horse. I don't know what I would do without Linda right now, because I certainly don't have much time for my poor horse anymore.

For myself, I ride every Saturday after I finish my trims for the day. I also try to ride on Sundays - especially the Sundays when Andrew is off racing his car (I love seeing this in our shared calendar because it means he is out doing something he loves and I get an extra horsey day!).

Nat and I share feed up at night - we take turns as to who goes out to feed during the week. I miss the horses so much when I don't see them. But it's nice sharing the load.

Our float is fixed and we have used it a couple of times to go to the vet for clipping and to go to the indoor once. Need to sort that out and get out there more!

Before Allie hurt herself we were working on inside leg to outside rein. I'm really struggling with it. I wish wish wish she hadn't hurt herself because I really wanted to get back on and work on it again! I guess I will just have to wait.

My Podiotherapy course is going well. I have so much homework and a massive 5000 word easy that I'm not even half way through yet that is due this month. I struggle finding time to get it done, I can't do it when Andrew is home as he doesn't give me peace and tries to talk to me all the time and the tv distracts me. And the cats distract me too - they're so cuddly! I try taking the laptop to work to write on my hour lunch break but I barely get anything done there either. Ugh. I need to get it done.

So that's it!! How do you make time for all you need to do? I need tips!!!

Sunday, 7 July 2013


So we were just getting Allie back in work when Linda (who is riding her for me once or twice a week) took her out yesterday, and Allie decided that it would be just awesome to flail her legs around and do this on the arena.

Awesome huh?

As far as injuries go it is a nice clean stitch job (vet call on a Saturday, thank heavens for insurance), no need for penicillin or bute, just keep it bandaged. She now gets two weeks off!