Saturday, 19 March 2011

The Greener Grass Really is Better!

Here are some photos of the horses at our new place today.

Savanna in the stable. Apparently it's very boring in there.

Allie, me, Sav and Grace in the background.

Allie. You can see my home made blocker tie ring in that I used to tie her up.

Grumpy Gracie.

Super cute Gracie asking for a treat.

So friken cute!

My lane to the four paddocks.

She was a brat today - so grumpy!

So she was banished to the stable to sort herself out.


This is my home made tie ring - I stole the idea from this guy. Very clever!

Helmets, halters, fly veils, whips, all organised!

Bits bits bits!

Devil green eyed horse.

Onto the (blurry) paddock pics -


Tuesday, 15 March 2011

New Place

We have moved! Sorry for not posting lately, but the move has consumed most of my free time and now we have no internet at home so that makes it hard to post!

The move went well. The ponies settled quickly even though we are next to an incredibly busy main road now. Its good for the girls to be exposed to that.

I will do a full tour post when everything is put away and neat, but for now, above is a preview.

Saturday, 5 March 2011


Worming day today!

I surprised myself by taking three tubes out and worming all three in the paddock with no halters (I may have cheated and used Sav's and Allie's fly veils... shhh). Gracie came back wanting more!

The lady I bought Allie from said that she was a terror to worm... I hate to think what she would have thought of Pom! (Who used to rear and strike when wormed).

Allie does the flehman's posture more frequently than any horse I have ever known. She sure is cute doing it though!

Doesn't she look like a sweet mare?

Looking unimpressed with her lot.

Evil devil eyes!