Saturday, 1 July 2017


I haven't ridden Allie in months.
She's just been hanging out, being a horse, getting fed and having her feet done. That's it.
I've been super busy with uni, trimming, hoof clinics and masterclass and I've just not had the emotional energy to deal with Allie and all her drama so I just... haven't.
Anyway, both the girls were overdue for their dentals so we took them in today to get them done. Gracie was great, her dental was super quick.
Allie on the other hand...
So last time we did her teeth about 5 months ago the vet removed the dental pack from the surgery, and this time the tooth behind it had shifted significantly, to the point where the gap between it and the next tooth was just small enough/just big enough that food keeps getting packed in there, causing ulcering and also causing the gum to recede quite a bit. That tooth that moved also looks like it will need to come out in the next 6-12 months.
Anyway, we chatted about maintenance and the vet wants a diet change to help prevent food getting caught in that gap. So, no more chaff. No more hay! At all!!
Gah. It is the dead of winter in Sydney. No one has any grass, and even if they did, I'll remind you how we discovered last year with all her breathing dramas - ALLIE IS ALLERGIC TO GRASS.
So my horse can't eat grass, hay or chaff. Great. Just fkn great.
So basically now I need to find a place where she can eat short, green, not-dusty grass, in the middle of winter. Good luck with that!!!
Anyway. Once I sort out what the fk I am actually going to feed her, I can finally think about clipping her and then get back on and ride. Except, that, remember how her hocks were playing up just before Christmas last year? Yeah well that will probably need looking at.
So we've got an outline of a plan, the vet and I.
6 months is the next dental, unless she has sinus infection issues before then (which will prob mean the tooth needs to go). As I ease her back into work, if she has even a slight issue with her hocks, we are just going to look at injecting, probably with HA, I'm not sure. Then, at the next dental, we will take some rads (of her head) to see what that tooth is doing. If it needs to come out, she will try to remove it under standing sedation and through the mouth. Try to avoid another sinus flap surgery if we can.
And if I actually get to compete in between all that then I'll be cheering.

She's resting her head on the fender. 🤣

This bloody horse.