Wednesday, 5 February 2014

No Bridle Fun!

Today I wanted to do something different with Allie, so I put a rope around her neck and took her bridle off and... well... if you want you can see for yourself:

What a gem of a pony! Have you ever ridden without a bridle?

Sunday, 2 February 2014



- our little pony friend is feeling MUCH better. He foundered the day after I trimmed him, his owner figured out. Did my trim make that happen? I can't say it wasn't a factor. Was it the sole reason? I doubt it. Am I still feeling awful about it? Yes - I should have picked up on it. Instead of gushing about her new property and chatting about other things I should have checked his digital pulse and looked for other signs of an impending laminitis attack and prepared the owner better. Thank god he is ok now and the worst seems to be behind him. :(

- I got a new job - still with the same company (ALDI) but I'm moving to the Corporate office to a brand new freshly created role in the learning and development team. Apparently quite a few other ladies applied for the role but I got it and I am very pleased and excited and while I'm going to miss Store Operations, I have given Ops all I can over the last 7 years and while I would love to go full time trimming we just can't afford the pay drop right now so I'm super excited to start a new role and make it all my own. :D

- Also on the exciting life changing side of things, I got into Uni!!! Natalie did too and we will be studying a Bachelor of Equine Science via distance education (with a couple of practical blocks each year) over the next 6 years. I AM SO EXCITED!! But also a bit worried. Between my full time ALDI job, my part time trimming job (which is going gangbusters btw), my horsey aspirations and my poor neglected husband, where am I going to fit in time to study? I figured, if I waited until I had enough time I would never start, my life is only going to get busier so I may as well start now!

- Allie is plodding along. She is super fat as I've been feeding her meadow hay adlib as there is just no pick at the moment, it's so hot and dry. It really feels like summer now. She's been plowing through it even though I'm using a slow feeder hay net - I gave her a whole bale in the net on Thursday night, and by lunch time today (Saturday) she has about one and a half biscuits left!!!

That's about it. LOTS going on!