Monday, 18 July 2016


Allie has been doing well lately. I've only been able to ride her once or twice a week but those rides have been good. She's due some body work and her teeth (both booked in for the next few weeks) so she's a little wonky but still trying hard as per usual. It's been generally wet so the dust levels are low and her coughing is non-existent, so yay for that. She's jumping amazingly, her dressage is going well. I need to take her out for some dressage lessons, I need more direction there. Jumping too I guess.

She's plenty fit enough to do a dressage day so yesterday I started looking at when I could take her out for a prelim test or two. I immediately got nervous for no bloody reason and ended up shutting the browser down. Like, seriously, we can handle a little prelim test. But apparently I'm traumatised and just can't not stress about it.


I'll try again in a few days.

In other news, I offered Allie up for part lease again and a girl came and tried her yesterday. I need help keeping her in full work so she's fit for eventing and a part lease with the right rider really is the answer. She went well, wasn't scared or worried about Allie but is happy to have a string of lessons with me so she undershot to ride Allie and the direction we are going. She's coming again tomorrow morning for another ride/lesson, so hopefully she goes well. She seemed to really like Allie yesterday. :)

I'll leave you with a throwback to Silver Hills hunter trial, just when her coughing issues were starting. Poor mare.