Tuesday, 31 December 2013


Allie loves the water, as do most ponies.

She likes to eat the water grass and put her face half under the water to blow bubbles. She's weird.

In ths one, she clobbers herself in the face, like the clever dumbblood she is.

This is about as exciting as it gets! I'm just happy to be on her again.

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Hacking Out

Just a quick little video of Allie and I hacking out the back. We agist on a cattle farm/cutting trainers and the view is just stunning.

Making a special guest appearance are the poor Cavallo boots which are taking a beating, going through muddly puddles and dams..

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Christmas Wishes

Christmas Day for me included three separate household visits (with three separate Christmas meals!), lots of presents and yelling over the top of each other and rainy wet weather. But not before Allie got to go out and be a real horse again in a proper paddock, and before that I put my jods and riding boots on and rode my pony!

She was super well behaved considering she has been on box rest for two months. Mostly just plodded along on the buckle. But she was so footsore. Even on the grass. The poor thing has lost A LOT of sole thickness and frog. Her soles are just shit. Box rest just ruins hooves.

I put a pair of boots I had spare in the truck on her fronts and she was fine even on the sharp gravel.

I think I will use this as an opportunity to try out a few different booting/tipping/glue-on solutions. See what works. 

Normally she doesn't need any protection even fresh after a pretty short trim. She can just go straight in the gravel at any pace, turning, etc as her soles are normally super thick and calloused. But that has all been lost now. :(

Anyway, onwards and upwards from here!

Did you get up to anything horsey on Christmas Day?

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Want Want Want

This post is going to sound like a big fat whinge.


I want to live on acreage with my horses at home. I want to trim for a living, full time, with the facilities to take on rehab cases. I want to compete my horse and have great success with her while barefoot. I want my trimming business to grow and grow and grow. I want to go to Uni and do a bachelor of equine science and have a lab and research hooves and biomechanics and all that good stuff. I want to have a child or two and not have to give up horses or trimming while still being a great mum giving my kids all they need.

I want to loose 15 kilos and eat like a healthy person and be fit and strong so I can trim for years to come. I want to be a good partner for my husband and give him everything he needs too.

How the hell do I do all that with the one little life I've been given? I'm 30 in April and I want to be in that place in 5 years and it totally isn't going to happen and I feel like I have wasted my life so far, piss farting around spending money and not saving and not educating myself early enough. Why did we spend so much frigging money on our wedding? We spend almost $50,000. Far out. That's a house deposit!

Anyway anyway. I just wanted to get that out.

Thursday, 19 December 2013


We interrupt your (ir)regularly scheduled blog posts to bring you this cool pencil case.

You're welcome.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Follow Up Vet Visit

Very quickly - turns out the cause of the stress fracture was suspensory ligament damage! The suspensory up high on that leg is a bit messy and quite a bit larger than the other side. Had them both scanned today along with another set of rads. It's all healing.

Two more weeks in confinement. I've moved her to 24/7 turnout in the tiny dirt yard, as she is sick of the box and it's been quite dry. Then... One month of walking hacks out. Then another scan.

That takes us to early February.

But at least I can sit on my horse on Christmas Day. :)