Thursday, 3 January 2013

Day 3 - Your Best Riding

This is a hard one to write about for me. My 'best' riding happens in snippets - like recently when I was trotting Allie along the side of the road, we had a little argument over going left or right around a tree. At the very last second we had to slam the breaks on and it was quite violent. Right after we continued on and I looked down at my left stirrup - the leather had twisted. In that split second I must have lost my stirrup and got it back again all without noticing. Oops!

I'm quite good at ignoring bucks and pigroots and little bobbles like that when training, keep the aid on and release it when the correct answer is given. I'm also good at keeping my fear or nervousness to myself and ride through it. I think I'm quite good with young or nervous horses because of this.

Most of my best riding happens during my lessons with Ann. I LOVE having lessons with her. I love how my horse feels. :)

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Adventures of the Super Ponies said...

I tend to have my best riding at clinics. There is something about being able to shut out everthing else and just focus on riding for a few days. And watchign the video in between rides is magic (Once you get over how many lbs the camera puts on).