Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Catch Up

A quick catch up in dot point form:

- The bank won't finance the 10 acres because it has power lines. So that's a no. :(
- After the dentist I changed up her diet and it's not agreeing with her. She's holding weight well but she's a fricking psycho to ride lately. So it's back to the drawing board.
- Allie was clipped about 6 weeks ago and has been a shit ever since. It's like a clipped her good off.
- Saddle fit was checked and we decided not to reflock yet, however the saddle fitter did give me some panels to insert under the dressage saddle to help tip the back up a bit. I'll have a friend of mine sew pockets into my saddle cloths to accomodate the panels I think.
- one day a couple of weeks ago, all the stars aligned - Evie was napping in the car, Allie was in a good mood, and I got in the saddle. Immediately I knew something was wrong and hopped off to find this:

This is her crappy unbalanced hind, you know the one where she broke the cannon bone years ago? Yeah. That one. 
It was the weirdest abscess I've ever come across. Only blood, it looked like a cut bit the sole on top wasn't cut. I have no idea what she did but I ended up wrapping and booting for a week.
- the whole time she was lame from the pseudo-abscess, she was still galloping around like a maniac every time I tried to separate her to feed her and she jumped the fence three damn times trying to return to the herd instead of eating. FFS horse!
- she's sound now
- so of course I have booked us in to do an 80cm derby in a couple of weeks. Wish me luck (that I don't break my neck and die).

That's about it. Apologies for this shitty, terribly written shitpost.

Monday, 14 August 2017

Can't Stand It

I've been perusing the major real estate sites for affordable acreage for years now. And I've been getting more and more upset with the unaffordability in Sydney that I must have given up on the idea for a while there.

I struggle to keep Allie in work. I hate not having her at home. I need to be able to bring rehab cases home so I can care for them properly. I hate sharing my space with other human beings, parking close and hearing their arguments and their kids scream and smelling their cigarette smoke. I hate living in suburbia. But what can I do?

Honestly, a vacant 5 acres close to me is currently on the market for $5,000,000.

It's never going to happen.

Unless... Unless...

My husband has finally come around to the idea. He wants it as much as I do now, and he's willing to travel an hour+ to get to work to be able to live that life.

One step closer. Now all we need is affordable acres to buy!