Sunday, 21 September 2008

Some more pics

From yesterday.

Friday, 19 September 2008

She's here!

So Gracie arrived this morning at like 11. It was so exciting!!!
I was waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and waiting! Until finally I decided I wasn't going to stare at the front gate anymore and thus! along came an old stinky truck.

She was CRAZY in there. Since she couldn't be put on a float or a normal horse truck she had to be put on a cattle truck, that made REALLY SCARY BANGING SOUNDS when she walked/ran/jumped around in the back. We had a bit of trouble, since the truck had no ramp, and the property had no cattle yards or what-ever, we had to back the truck up to the side of the damn where there was a slight hill, and she pretty much jumped out (with little cautiousness). Now the damn is in the "mob" paddock, which is the only paddock on the property that is, well, a paddock? So I had no idea how how I was going to get her into a yard, but, she fixed that problem herself by attempting to jump through the electric fence (because of the horses in the mob being all "WHO ARE YOU???????") ever so gracefully and pulling the fencing down. So anyway you catch my drift, she was in the yard.

I tried getting as close to her as possible with some hay, she eventually let me scratch her shoulder, but with the hay, not my hand, and then she ate the hay, lol. After about an hour and a half of trying to get close to her without her freaking out, I went home and had some lunch.

When i came back she still had some hay left so I sat about a meter from it, throwing her carrots and apples and all sorts of goodies. She was really cute, when she finished she came really close and sniffed me, all i did was move my hand to pick up an apricot and she was off.

And eventually we (me and lese) herded her up into a smaller yard where we can keep a close eye on her.

She had a yummy feed and now im here writing about her while the dog is lieing down releasing deadly gases, not good :(.


Beckham loves her.

This is the closest I could get without her trembling.

Thursday, 18 September 2008


So, Gracie will be arriving tommorow morning around 9 or 10.

I have no doubts what-so-ever that Lisa feels the same as me, and that is like a kid on christmas eve. Only this time santa drives a big stinky old livestock struck and we already know what our pressie is!

Despite the fact that we cant touch Gracie, or even go within a metre of her for a few days (we'll work on it dont worry), its still overly exciting to add a new addition to the money-gobbling clan.

So, this will be the last day I am without a horse, and the last day I will be without a hobby, for hopefully a LONG time.

Shall update with pictures tommorrow afternoon!!!!!!!


Sunday, 14 September 2008

Other players

I thought I would introduce you to the other money-suckers in my life, to fill in time between now and when Gracie comes.

Chakra comes number 1 on this list. She's an 8 year old Staffy that used to belong to someone else. The owner did not give two flicks about her and she ended up with heartworm, so underweight that her spine was very well defined all along her back, all hip bones sticking out with sores from sitting down, bad cracked and bleeding skin. The vet bills have been quite high, but I love this little dog and she is wonderful to have around. She just lights up the place with her companionship and personality, you know? She thinks that she is a lap dog. But she's 15.5kg, farts and has bad breath. Her favorite thing to do (other than just be near you) is to lie on her back, and wiggle around making happy-piglet noises while she scratches her back. Like so:
It's hilarious.

Evan is a 1 year old, broken tailed, previously cat flu infested DSH kitty rescued from a group of boys who were about to drown him in a creek when he was about 8 weeks old. He is awesome to have around. When it's cold, he'll purr in your face until you let him under the blankets with you. He can be cranky, he can be loving, he can be totally nonchalant. Regular crazy cat. We love him.

Eddie is a 4 year old, silky x foxy x god-knows-what. He is psycho. He has thighs of steel for bounce-bounce-bouncing at the back door Even if there is no one home. He's more Natalie's dog.

Then there's the fish.

They aren't too bad. They just keep fouling up the tank.


Saturday, 13 September 2008


My sister Natalie and I have been into horses since before she was born. Having lost both our first ponies to colic in the last few years, I have moved onto an old OTTB, and Natalie is about to buy a very young, unhandled partbred Andalusian. We decided to start this blog to chronicle our efforts in training the two of them.

Beckham is an OTTB, born 18th October, 1990. He's a sweetheart. Loves his cuddles.

Gracie is of unknown origin, allegedly partbred Andalusian. About 3 years (actually more like under 2 years) old. Totally unhandled, and has grown up knowing what it means to be a horse. We are going to (hopefully) turn her into a lovely riding horse.

Gracie arrives on Wednesday afternoon (the 17th September) if all goes well.

14.09.08 Edit: Looks like it will be Thursday or Friday now.

 30.04.11 Edit: Gracie's age.