Wednesday, 27 February 2013


No posts? That's because NOTHING has been happening. I've ridden probably twice over the last six weeks.

I feel awful about it.

Reasons why:

- I've been trimming every single day.
- It has been incredibly wet. Too wet to ride at home before work.
- I went away to college (podiotherapy college!) for my first block for a whole week.
- Andrew and I have been building a granny flat at mum's.

All my plans to send her off to the trainer to start her over fences has gone down the drain. Her fitness is gone. I need to start all over again.


I feel like throwing the towel in until after we move and she is on agistment. I have closed my books for trimming unless I can use it as one of my case studies (i.e. the horse has a pathology). I'm also restricting my trimming hours to make more time for myself, my husband and my horse (and the kitty cats).

Gosh. Life has run away with me. :(

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Out and About

I have been taking Allie out on road rides by herself lately. She is going very well and it is so nice to ride a well schooled horse out.

Natalie and Andrew drove around with me the other week and they took this video.

She's a champ. :)

Sunday, 3 February 2013


I'm going to do this in dot points, so much easier.

- we are going to build a house this year. In order to do that though we need to save a shitload of money. So...

- we are moving out into my mother's granny flat. But first, we need to finish off building the granny flat. We need to put about $3-5k into it but we figure we would spend at least four times that amount on rent while not being able to save much. So we will be living there rent free (but paying our bills) while we find land and buy and build. My mother does not live on acerage so...

- the horses are moving to agistment. Gah. This is the bit I really don't like. We are going to go see a place next weekend that has a flood lit arena (no one has agistment available with indoors where I live), large yards and a 30 acre share paddock. Gracie would go in the share paddock (Nat works close so would go see her each day before and/or after work) and Allie would go in an individual yard as she take hours to eat her feeds. Plus I wouldn't be able to get out every single day so they would need to do feeds, rugging, waters, poo picking etc. I have to admit I am looking forward to using the facilities but I will really really miss seeing my pony faces every day. :( But, plus side is she will be in full work. In an arena, with a good surface. IMAGINE.

- I'm selling my impreza. I love that car, but it does not suit my life style anymore. I need a tow vehicle for the float (we borrow Dad's 4by at the moment) and I need a ute for my trimming business. So we are trying to sell my car at the moment and with the money we get from that we will buy a Nissan Navara. I'm pretty excited about finally being able to take my horse some where whenever I like. Plus I can finally set up my ute with all my trimming tools and even have room for keeping boots in stock, which I lack at the moment.