Saturday, 30 November 2013

Chugging along

Not much has changed over the last week, except Prince is no longer coming to us, his owner doesn't want to sell him anymore.

I've been bedridden with severe muscular pain in my back. Today wasn't as bad once the painkillers kicked in so I decided to draw.

I haven't drawn in something like 10 years. Pretty pleased with this one.

Friday, 22 November 2013

Ticking Along

So we are more than half way through the 6 weeks of box rest.

Allie is only now starting to eat her feeds again. She is normally accompanied by a friend when she is in the box, so she is pretty happy with that.

I did a sneaky quick trot up yesterday. She looked almost 100% sound.

Linda pulled her mane for me the other day. That's about the most exciting thing that has happened.

All I want to do is get her back under saddle again. I miss riding her. I miss seeing her be happy in a paddock.

In other news, meet Prince, the project pony:

He's a bit under weight and hasn't been in work all year. He's a 9yo OTTB that can jump apparently. Nat and I are going to put 12 - 16 weeks into him and sell him on, mainly to get him in a good home rather than to make any money. Hoping to get him to a couple of dressage days and maybe a show jumping comp or two. He is going to move to Allie's agistment next week hopefully (if we can get our hands on him). So that's exciting! I hate the name Prince though. What should I change it to?

Monday, 18 November 2013


Gracie had another scan on her SDFT injury - the vet has pronounced her fully healed! He said it looks great! There will always be a small lump in the area but the scan showed a fully healed tendon.

Nat is very happy, as am I. :D

Saturday, 2 November 2013


Here's the rads where you can see the fracture.

It's the split down the centre of the bone there, not the splint bone which you see at the back.

She's not eating now of course. Doesn't want her feed, paces constantly. She has a buddy in with her but she still won't settle in the stall.

I'm probably going to have to dope her up in rakelin to make life easier for her. Poor popo.