Monday, 7 January 2013


Tomorrow temperatures in Sydney are expected to reach 43 degrees c (109.4 f) with winds up around 80km/hr (50mph). A lot of the state of NSW is on catastrophic fire alert. A FB friend of mine down south has received two texts and a phone call from the rural fire brigade warning her to evacuate tonight or early tomorrow morning.

She has a little boy, a baby girl and 26 horses on her property.

This is extremely frightening. I'm only doing 1 hour of work first thing in the morning then I am coming home and standing by to evacuate. My area is just 'extreme' fire danger but all it takes is one cigarette butt out the window.

My fire escape plan as texted to Natalie tonight:

Ok. Survival plan - have TV and FB and radio checked regularly for alerts. Float hooked up, car unlocked, keys in ignition. Halters on gate. Big black puppy crate at front door to put my cats in so we can just put them in the back of the 4by. Your cats will go in the cat carrier. We drive toward M4 unless blocked off, then we drive toward Elizabeth Dr. If blocked both ways we drive down to mulgoa and try to double back. We go to mum's if we need to evacuate. If mums is a no go we go to Dad's. If that is a no go we go to Erin's. horses can be in back yards temporarily until the night when we check with our horsey friends to see if they have room if mine is no good to return to. We leave at "watch and act" alert for Mulgoa. We DO NOT wait for emergency warnings.

While standing by we will be hosing and scraping the horses to keep them from getting heat stroke, especially Allie who is dark and sweats quite a bit. Plus keeping ourselves hydrated.

This is really scary. I'm worried for my pets of course but I'm terrified for my friends in catastrophic areas. Please pray/wish/whatever for us all.


Amy said...

How scary, I can't imagine. I sent you an email.

Kate said...

That is so scary. I am thinking about all of you. Please keep us updated.

STB Eventer said...

Stay safe. Thinking of you!

Val said...

I am glad that the danger is over. Does this happen often? Those are really high temperatures. Yikes!

Lisa said...

Hey Val. These high temps teamed with high winds are perfect brushfire weather but I haven't ever had to have an evacuation plan where I live. This is the first time.

The news was saying that the weather was the most extreme brushfire weather for our state in all of recorded history.

Adventures of the Super Ponies said...

I am so glad it turned out ok. I can't imagine how scary this must be. I have nightmares about the horses being in a fire.