Wednesday, 25 September 2013


I'm here to whinge. Please feel free to skip this one.

I have been sick. Not morbidly sick, mostly head colds and tonsillitis and sinusitis and it never ends. Every time I get back to about 80% I get hit with another one! It's been about 8 weeks now that I've been sick.

I nearly fainted so I went and had a blood test. Apparently nothing is wrong with me except I have low iron. So I'm on iron tablets which seem to be upsetting my digestive system.

The weirdest thing is that it's only my left sinus and my left tonsil that are having the issues. I've caught a head cold from my husband and I'm skiving off work this morning to go see a different doctor. I need to go see an ENT specialist.

The relevance to this blog is the fact that I miss riding! I've not ridden much at all over the last few months because I've been trying to get better. I have been paying Linda to keep Allie in a little bit of work and that has helped. Allie is going to Sam the eventing trainer on Saturday for two weeks - he is starting her over fences for me. I'm going to miss her!! But we think she will LOVE jumping and it will really help her with her flat work. Very excited to get her out to jump club etc. this summer (if I can ever get better!).

*edit - She's frigging lame. Hip hiking lame. Don't know yet what it is, looks like stifle to me. So no jump training until we sort this shit out :(

I've lost a bunch of trimming clients too, because I had to have two weeks off and then I was away for two weeks over the last two months for college. I have lost my trimming fitness. I used to be able to do 8 horses a day, but struggle to do 6 now.

Also, my beautiful ute was written off. :( I was driving home from interstate (passed my final exams for my equine Podiotherapy course! Yay!) and I was so tired at around midnight that I pulled over for a nap in an emergency stopping lane thingy. Luckily I was smart and slept with my seat belt on because a truck rim came off a speeding truck and hit the back of my ute!!
It bent my chassis and wrote off the car!! The truck did not stop. :( arsehole. I was terrified! I had no idea what had happened and it took me a good half hour to get the guts to get out of the car and have a look at the damage. I thought someone wanted to abduct me. :(

Anyway, now I'm truck hunting again. Ugh.

So that's what has been happening lately.