Sunday, 27 January 2013

Day 27- You know you're a rider when

1. Chaff flies out of your bra when you remove it when you get home.

2. You wonder why your inner thighs (and butt crack) are so sore. No, not because of a naughty weekend away, that's right - I schooled bareback two days ago!

3. You don't run home to take the clothes off the line when it rains - you rush out to chuck rugs on uncooperative horses slopping around in the mud.

4. No one at work understands why you don't own nice office clothes or high heels. What a waste of good money! (Meanwhile, your horse has more rugs than you care to disclose).

5. Your 8 year old niece declares (when asked what she wants for her birthday) "I do NOT want a horse - they are FAR to hard to look after!"


TeresaA said...

lol you forgot a couple:

you have a training plan around sheath cleaning (if gelding owner)

co workers pick hay out of your hair and make no comments

you view golf courses as a waste of good pasture

sally said...

Oh how funny I have had a good laugh at your comments on this I have just washed my underclothes from yesterday all full of chaff that blew up and down my top yesterday and yes I dont hide new clothes from my husband I hide the new horse rugs ....until they are dirty and dont look new anymore.And TereaA I agree even though my OH is a keen golfer

K.K. said...

HAHA! When I was working at the barn I had Piney at I would head over there right after work to feed. All of my clothes had stains on the left hip because I would prop the buckets against my hip when I fed.

TeresaA said...

Sally- my DH is an avid golfer as well. We simply agree to disagree