Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Word of the Year

Fenway over at Brays of Our Lives is asking what one word we would apply to 2011 and what word shall be our mantra for 2012.

2011 was a tough year for me, but not by any tangible means. I have had office politics drama at work for the later half of the year that really got to me deeply. I have had 'adjustment' issues at home and the long cold wet winter that turned into a wet spring and then a wet summer really limited my riding. I lost my dog Chakra to cancer after about 2 or 3 months of knowing she would need to be put to sleep soon and that haunted my every thought. We had a vet bill from one of my animals every single month, and I am not talking little ones either. $500 minimum most months, more like $1000. The credit card is maxed out and I'm stressing a little about money because while we are comfortable, we certainly are NOT moving into a home we own ourselves any time in the foreseeable future.

2011 was just a crappy year by Lisa's standards, but I guess it was just life putting a bunch of things in one little space for me to deal with.

My 2011 word is Tough.

I am hopeful for 2012 - starting to claw my way back up again. The rain is clearing up and I am able to work my horse every day. The office politics have calmed down and I have made myself a harder shell so it just bounces off (easy to say when I am on two weeks holiday but anyway!). Home life is getting even better as we are making a bigger effort to understand one another. I no longer even have a dog so there will be no worrying there. My riding is getting better and better each ride and so is Allie. Our budget will actually start to work if the animals just keep themselves out of trouble for a few months, which they will if they know what is good for them!

I have some half formed riding goals in my mind right now. I hope to compete in an intro dressage test and I'm going to join an adult riding club in the first quarter of the year. I'm finally going to register my horse and join the EFA.

My 2012 word is Hope.

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Ashleigh said...

Good on you, Lisa. I think 201 was a rough year all around. 2012...things are looking up. Lets hope they stay that way!