Saturday, 28 January 2012

Award, yay!

Kate over at The Adventures of Lucy has given us an award!!

For this award, I am supposed to share 10 things you may not know about me, my pet(s), and my horse(s):

1.Evan, my cat, has a little moustache and goatee in his mouth. Look:
Why yes, I AM a crazy cat lady...
Poor cat. He cops a lot of shit from me.

2. I am a well paid Personal Assistant, sitting inside in an office all day. It is NOT where I ever thought I would be when I was younger but I am far too reliant on the money coming in each month to change. I sort of enjoy my job when the office politics aren't running too rampant and there is not so much work to do that I need to stay back every day and then come in on Saturdays too to get it done.

3. Allie doesn't care where she sticks her head. She has no idea how big it actually is and will stick it into tight spaces, in between fences, in tree forks. She ALWAYS has healing scabs or scrapes on her head, especially around the eyes and poll. I worry about her.

4. Gracie's coat is lighter where the sun doesn't touch it - under her mane, her tail, her belly etc. We have no idea why.

5. I have always driven manual cars. I HATE automatic transmissions. I think it is creepy how they creep forward as soon as you take your foot off the break, I hate how it just decides when to shift up (or down) a gear. I secretly judge you if you can't drive a manual. It's really not that hard.

6. I Or seafood of any shape or form. The smell makes me gag and I am sick to death of people telling me "You don't even know if you would like it, you haven't tasted it". Go away. I have tasted it and I still fricking HATE seafood. Stop trying to make me eat shit I know I hate the taste, texture and smell of.

7. I had Osgood-Schlatter disease as a child. IT is where over-active children get an irritation of the patellar tendon. From Wikipedia:
"The condition is usually self-limiting and is caused by stress on the patellar tendon that attaches the quadriceps muscle at the front of the thigh to the tibial tuberosity. Following an adolescent growth spurt, repeated stress from contraction of the quadriceps is transmitted through the patellar tendon to the immature tibial tuberosity. This can cause multiple subacute avulsion fractures along with inflammation of the tendon, leading to excess bone growth in the tuberosity and producing a visible lump which can be very painful when hit."

So, basically this:

I have the ugliest knees:

Oh, so pretty.
It is very painful when it happens but if the child is rested (i.e. no physical activity for a period of months) then the pain goes away, but not the lump. Authorities say that there is no residual pain once the child grown into an adult but that is bull. My knees get sore right on the spot with excessive use. I can never kneel in church as it is way too painful. All the old people around me still kneel and give me looks. I feel disrespectful but I'm pretty sure God doesn't care if I don't kneel when I pray.

8. I met Andrew when I was 19 by passing my phone number out the window of my car to him on the highway. Yes, really. I thought he was cute, he was rocking out to the same song that was playing in my car on the radio at the same time, and the rest is history. :)

9. My favourite movie is Spirit, Stallion of the Cimmaron.

10. I have always wanted to try side saddle riding. It looks like so much fun, it is a definite on my bucket list.

I then have to pick six blogs that I like:

1. From Racehorse to Showhorse - Super cute grey OTTB that I just can't get enough of. Also, GREAT horse photos - the writer is a proffessional photographer.
2.  Just Another Dog Blog - Cute dogs, great photos, easy to read and interesting posts.
3.  Whitebrook Farm - Hilarious reviews of horse themed books, movies, TV shows, etc, especially the 'Thoroughbred' series. Brings back memories.
4. Chloe, the Pony Who Wouldn't - I have just started following this blog - she is a trimmer too and I am liking her writing style.
5. Buckskin and Bay - A blog about a mother who has a young horse - gives me hope that I won;t have to give up this whole riding thing when kids finally come along!
6. Memoirs of a Horse Girl - Lovely, well written, carefully thought out posts that are informative and provoke reflection on the topic. Plus, her horse is barefoot and she is an owner trimmer! My kind of blog. :)


Funder said...

Hahahah I love all of these! (adn thank you for not sending it to me - I feel like I have no more "crazy things you may not know about me" left to tell.)

I love a manual too. If we get a commuter car I'm going to lobby super hard for a stick shift low-end sports car, like a Civic. I am very pleased at how well my truck shifts on its own though - it downshifts when I'm towing down a grade.

re: seafood - more crab for me if you're not eating it! ;)

Lisa said...

I tried to pick blogs that may not have gotten many awards and/or that I truly like to read first when they pop up in my feed.

And yes, Funder - all my crab is belong to you.