Thursday, 5 January 2012

Another Trail

Linda and I took Allie and her new cutting horse Connie up to Mulgoa yesterday. We mostly walked, just up to the look out and back.

Allie picked up a stone and sooked about it the whole way home after I flicked it out of her foot. I'm going to order her some boots next payday I think. She didn't have any bruising from it thankfully, but she lost confidence in the rocky footing, thinking she would pick up another stone. I was a bit bummed about that but she was a perfect angel otherwise.

Connie is Linda's new cutting horse, and we don't think she has been off property in the last 7 years except for competition. Linda thought she would be hot, but she took to it like she did it every day. I also got to have a quick ride, and it was cool and bizarre at the same time! To stop, I had to pick up the reins directly up, push my left hand on the pommel, and put my legs on! It was tricky, let me tell you!! We quickly swapped back but I am glad I got to have a little walk and trot on Connie. :)

So now you get a few crappy iphone pics of Allie and I at the lookout.

She has a lovely tail.
I was a bit worried about that ledge - I didn't dare go any closer!

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Dom said...

Gorgeous view!