Monday, 2 January 2012


Linda and I took Allie and Hoodie up to Mulgoa for a trail ride. It is AWESOME there!! Lots and lots of hills, with plenty of varied footing including sand, little rocks, big rocks and boulders! Allie did fantastically and I rode her totally barefoot (no boots even) and she was careful with her feet but still trotted out sound crunching the smaller rocks and only had difficulty with the big rocks understandably. She got straight on the float no worried, travelled the 15 minute float ride like a champ, got off the float quietly, tied up out of sight of Hoodie and was calm. During the ride she was rock solid, no spook in her at all!! The whole ride was on a loose rein except when she was trotting along in front, then I just had a contact.

We even swapped for a little bit and Hoodie was so cool! Super keen and loved cantering up the hills. Allie was a bit pooped and just stopped on Linda at the bottom of a hill with a "no thanks" kinda attitude but she was a trooper and kept on keeping on.

Totally awesome day! Will definitely be going back again as it is so close to home!

(Edited to add a photo of me on Hoodie. Isn't he spunky?!)


Dom said...

Sounds like a great ride! And that is a handsome horse.

Funder said...

I could absolutely CRY looking at Hoodie's tail. I know it's summer there, so Linda can scrub it, but even in summer I can't get a tail that clean! Please send her to Reno in May and she can have room and board in exchange for tail cleaning duties on one piggy paint horse!