Monday, 16 January 2012

Dot Points

Because none of this really deserves its own post:

- I had a bareback school today. Allie was an angel, she tried very hard. We even had a couple of canters, on both leads!

- The rain is returning. Just when I am getting my horse in proper 5 days a week work. Just when we are making big leaps in progress. Just when I'm super motivated to ride. Thanks, mother nature!

- I'm changing Allie's feed again. She is a really picky eater and I am struggling to put weight on her, especially with her being in work now. Linda recommended Hygain Showtorque and I bought a bag today to try it out. She certainly loves it! I don't like feeding feeds coated in molasses but if she actually eats it, I will be happy.

- Gracie has been a superstar the last week. It was her first week back after her shoulder injury (which has healed well!) and we were expecting a grumpy naughty mare. She was a little grumpy at not being on holidays anymore, but she is behaving when schooled, being calm when truck and bikes rush past, and is generally being a grown up horse rather than her 'just backed, never been mouthed' alter-ego. I hope she keeps it up!

- I'm well on my way to loosing those extra 20 kilos that I have had hanging around the last few years. I'm now using the app 'My Fitness Pal' to calorie count and it is great! So far since cutting down on the junk food I have lost 2 kilos. Only 18 more to go!!

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