Thursday, 24 November 2016

What's been happening?

Allie has been a little up and down lately.

Let me explain.

Andrea and Allie had a dressage show together a couple of weeks ago where Allie remembered that she could rear (twice in the warm up, twice in the first test!!). Then, during the second (much more obedient) test she was lame on the left rein and was asked to retire.

Big big bummer :(

She was a bit puffy in the medial collateral ligament on the left hind. Cold hosing, icing and a week off and she was as good as new.

Her first and second day back in work was with me and she felt great! So compliant, in front of the leg, ready to work. Amazing, right?

Today was Andrea's first ride back and bloody Allie chucked her off. :(

Also, she keeps jumping out of her paddock whenever her paddock mate is taken outt, which she's never done before.

Damn you mare. Pain in the arse mare. Shit for brains mare.

She's lucky she's cute.

Not much else to report except I booked another cross country clinic in January at SIEC, so we can get a chance to school over the 80cm jumps as well as run the whole course and be timed, in preparation for the first comp at SIEC next year.

Just going to work on our dressage in the mean time.

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L.Williams said...

I hate random mystery lameness, especially when it coincides with a show, my old gelding seemed like he would magically go lame the day before a show and it frustrated me to no end.