Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Silver Hills Course Walk

Ok just skip this one if you want to hear how we went on this cross country course. I just don't want to clog up my other post and make it too long.

Course map

1 - simple log

2 - Oxer

3 - vertical

4 - through the water AROUND that jump. That's the jump that horse got caught on.

5 - log pile

6 - ski jump. My jump was the bigger downhill ski jump in the background, not the small one in front. I was worried about it because it as down hill into a tight rollback to get to 7.

7 - this log pile is super inviting, framed on both sides with a shute like fenceline.

8 - square rolltop? Is that what you would call it? Anyway, it's bigger than it looks.

9 - big wide log. Fun to jump but need to get the right line through the trees and there's a sharp left turn afterward.

10 - the most inviting brush I've ever seen.

11 - Log pile frames by trees. There's a drop on the landing side. Jumps awesome after the last three jumps.

12 - Trakhaner. The ditch is quite deep and a bit wide. I was worried about this one but knew she would be rolling along and wanting to jump the moon by this stage so tried not to worry about it too much.

13 - Lovely little jump with a little width from the ground log.

14 - Log pile 'skinny'. 

15 - another easy upright with some width.

16 - Bigger log pile.

17 - final log with the finish flags a few strides after. 

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