Saturday, 19 November 2016


So I've come to the end of our first year eventing. I think it's time to set out some goals for next year


I want to compete at novice, so we need to get the following stuff sorted:

- perfect leg yields
- get lengthens in trot and canter
- perfect simple changes
- get counter canter

We also both need to learn how to ride with spurs on. I've got a pair of short shank spurs coming, and I'm hoping Linda will help me to learn how to use them to get her a bit more active off the leg, and to use them for more precise leg aids.


- get confident jumping 95cm xc jumps (but stay competing at 80cm)
- work on the perfect showjumping round! Forward, in front of the leg.
- get flying changes for showjumping and xc (simple changes take up precious time!)
- place in the top 8 at at least 1 comp. (This one is a bit of a pipe dream, but I think we are capable).

We've got a busy 2017 ahead of us!!


Ruth said...

Sounds like some good goals!!

KateRose said...

Great goals :)

L.Williams said...

Sounds like great goals!