Sunday, 6 November 2016

Silver Hills eva80 - Dressage

So as per my last post, on the 29th and 30th October Allie and I did our first 80cm event!

We drew an 8.50am dressage time so I ended up plaiting up the night before because I knew I wouldn't have enough time before in the morning. Andrea came to help me plait up and Allie wore a skinny hood for the first time.

She was unimpressed.

Normally Natalie plaits the tail so this is really my first go at plaiting a tail. It was... ok, if a little wonky. 

The next morning we loaded up at 6am and arrived at Silver Hills just a little after 7am. Andrea came with me to help as Natalie was busy, and I am so glad I had her there. We tacked her up and I got on just after Linda arrived. Linda helped me warm Allie up and she went awesome, considering the warm up was on a slope, after a bunch of rain, and it looked like they had run cattle in that paddock only a few days before so there was wet cow shot everywhere. You could tell it was eventing dressage and not straight dressage because no way would straight dressage ever have a warm up like that!

See that footing?

Allie had her game face on though!

Just before we were about to go in to do our test, she started to resist the bridle and then she hung her entire tongue out the side of her mouth! I stopped and Linda checked it. Allie had somehow gotten her tongue over the bit, which she has never ever done before. Right before we needed to present to the judge!!

Linda fixed it and we tried to shake it off. I presented to the judge and then we started our test.

She felt sensational! In front of the leg, forward into the bridle, so adjustable and on the job and I had a huge smile on my face by the time I was doing my second canter. I was having fun. The test was super solid.

Once we were done I jumped off and Andrea stuffed her full of carrots while I hugged her neck and gave her a big kiss. Linda was almost tearing up she was so proud!

I didn't get my paper until the next day and I'm glad because what I felt and what the judge saw were two different things. Comments like 'tense' and 'rushed'. I mean, come on, it's not like we are doing medium level dressage here, it's bloody prelim level.

There were some REALLY nice horses in my class though (a few fancy moving warmbloods too), so maybe that's why.

We got 65.21% which I think is a fair score.

We were done for the day so Andrea took Allie for a pick of green grass while I walked the cross country. After that we loaded up and went home. I was home by lunchtime! My husband was pretty happy about that,

Next up - showjumping!!


TeresaA said...

I wonder if she's one of those judges who only comment on the negative? There were moments of tension (like the free walk) but she had an even rhythm and was prompt in the transitions. It was a nice test!

Clover Ledge Farm said...

She looks great! Sometimes all that matters is WE know we rode a good test despite what the judge sees/thinks! :-)