Thursday, 30 June 2016

The Horses Hoof

A while ago (back in February I think) I entered a photo of Allie into a cover photo competition for the U.S magazine The Horses Hoof. It's a barefoot mag and they were after photos of barefoot horses doing their thing. I wrote a little blurb about why I thought Allie should be a cover model with her story about her complex odontoma and our struggle to get competing.

She didn't win the comp but did get an honorable mention.

However, the magazine editor contacted me because she loved Allies story and wanted to do a full article about her! So I provided pictures and I wrote up an article for the magazine and it is about to be published on the 1st July. I've been keeping it a bit of a secret in case it all fell through.

If you don't have a subscription but would love to have a read of the article, send me an email to and I'll email you a copy.

I'm very excited that she's being featured in a magazine, she's such a great horse and we have overcome so much (with still more to overcome of course, with her latest breathing issues).

Hopefully I can get her fit and healthy enough again to get out to one more comp this year. Fingers crossed!

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TeresaA said...

that's great news! Congratulations. YOur story is pretty amazing.