Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Little update

Quick update - Allie had a few weeks off as I've been busy and to be honest, I'm really not motivated to ride at all in case she gets worse.

But if I'm ever going to get through this I've got to ride her, so I have ridden the past couple of days. Yesterday we rode out and she didn't cough at all, not once, but it was mostly walk and trot with only a little canter.

Today I schooled in jump tack and she coughed 3 times warming up, but that's it. Riding her felt like a dream (although a VERY FORWARD dream that keeps anticipating) but for a horse who hasn't been in work she rode excellently.

We worked on waiting and not fussing and anticipating but did quite a bit of trot and canter. She even had a few jumps over a little cross rail which she fkn LOVED. I know horse, me too.

Anyway, she gets Wednesday and Thursday off because I'm working at the office and then I'll be back on her Friday and Saturday.

She looks amazing and fat by the way. Will have to get some footage next time.


emma said...

Sounds promising!

Amy said...

This is great to hear!