Sunday, 10 April 2016


Ok so while Allie was off this week I built some bigger jump wings. They're a little bit dodgy but they will do for now.

Today was the day I had to test ride Allie after her antibiotics. She has had a little discharge from both nostrils the last two days but today under saddle she only coughed twice, both mildly. I'll call the vet tomorrow to see what she thinks about the discharge but I think it's sinus related, mild secondary infection that she's fought off.

Anyway, to celebrate riding again poor Allie got to jump. And Natalie kept putting it up higher and Allie kept jumping it until we found ourselves jumping a meter. That's 3'3" to you imperial people.

And I wasn't nervous or worried about that height at all! I was, however, rusty and Allie needed more room to approach a fence that height properly than what we have in that little riding yard. But I was super pleased with her try, there's no dirt in her at all.

I just need to learn how to release.


emma said...

Looks like a blast!

OneHindResting said...

Your jump wings look great!!! Horse looks pretty good too! ;)