Wednesday, 27 April 2016


So Allie was a good girl and had her bute over the weekend and on Monday Natalie hopped aboard (I've hurt my neck pretty bad) to test her out.

She went amazingly. Had more energy and forward than what she's had on a long time. And best yet, not one single cough.

Not a one!

I was super pleased. Her nostrils were clear the very next day too so hopefully that's the end of that. No news from the vets from the last trachea wash yet though.

So, she's been having a few things happening under saddle that said to me she needed body work done. She's been finding it hard to bend away from my left leg, and will trail her left hind in on the straight. She's also been toe striking on the hinds occasionally even after a trim. I've been trying to get in with this one therapist for quite a while and we managed to match schedules yesterday so Allie finally got a treatment.

She had quite a bit going on. Right pectoral has an old injury with scarring that is causing tightness in that shoulder and neck. Her nuchal ligament was not aligned which was causing it to flick o er her wither when she moved her neck side to side. She was tight in her left ribs and her whole left hind from loin to hock was out and tight. She released everything and you could see she stood much better afterwards. I'm excited to ride her next to see how she feels.

Next thing to get done now we've had teeth and body sorted is to get her clipped. We may be attempting to clip her ourselves this year. Hopefully we do an OK job!

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