Sunday, 24 April 2016

Vets AGAIN!!!

Ok, where did we leave off? Was it when I told you guys that the results of the last trachea wash were contaminated so the whole procedure had to be repeated?

Yeah. Very frustrating.

Poor Allie was dragged back to the vets on Friday and had another sedation and trachea wash. She was pretty good for it, but didn't want to load into the float to go home which is unusual. I think she was still a little drunk and didn't know that I was going to leave her on there for a little while until she sobered up.

Her throat looked better, there was less mucous. The vet (a different vet from Tuesday) commented that there was quite a lot of particles low down her trachea possibly from breathing in in the float as I had some shavings in there and I had gotten hay with the float a few weeks before and I hadn't swept it out yet. Maybe that's why the results were contaminated?

She also said it looks like Allie is significantly better and just had a sore throat with some inflammation that might be causing the continued cough so she gave me some bute to give over the weekend to try to settle that and I'm to give her some work on Monday to see how she goes. The vet says I shouldn't scratch from my next comp (Mudgee ode on the 28th May) just yet.

So that's positive. Hopefully she feels significantly better and she can have some light work from friends while I'm in Hawaii for two weeks and then I can come back and work on some xc jumping then go have some fun at Mudgee! Keep your fingers crossed that Allie is feeling heaps better, she deserves it after all this vet work.


TeresaA said...

Fingers crossed that all goes well and you are back in the saddle soon.

emma said...

Good luck :(

L.Williams said...

Fingers crossed