Sunday, 17 April 2016

Allie Airways

So Allie finished her antibiotics and has had a few rides as per vet instructions.

She has not handled the work at all. :(

Her coughing is now producing mucous. She coughs 10-20 times under saddle during a 30-40 minute ride. And one or two times while being tacked up.

I really think she has recurrent airway obstruction. I hope not because honestly, WHY. She's never stabled, she eats a feed that is wet down, she's on grass.

She still has the itch too. Maybe it's her whole immune system having issues?

Who bloody knows. I'll be on the phone to the vet tomorrow. Poor Allie.


Ruth said...

I'm so sorry to hear this!! It's the worst when our horses are sick :( here's hoping the vet can help get her back to her normal self soon.

Val said...

Harley has coughing issues. He gets flare-ups from a sudden change in temperature, dry days, and dust (and local camp fires). His cough is very dry and unproductive, like an allergic cough. If she is producing mucous, I would say she still might be sick and therefore curable. Do not ride her through the coughing as it can create permanent damage. I hope your vet can help. Best wishes.

emma said...

Aw I'm sorry - hopefully your vet will have some good insights!

OneHindResting said...

My ponies were so itchy this year, both had steroid injections. They are a lot better now, which is to say that Diilun isn't rubbing large sections of skin into a bleeding mess. They are both still a little itchy though... has been some crazy year for the itchies.

Lisa said...

Thanks for your input Val. Every time she coughs I think of Harley. I often wonder how you guys are going.

Lisa said...

Allie is still scratching, any available piece of skin not covered by a rug. I've even got her in an ear bonnet fly mask to protect her ears and forelock! And you know how much I hate rugging.