Saturday, 7 June 2014


Vet called this morning. She was flushed again. Christine said she was very glad that they kept her for the weekend because there was quite a bit of purulent material that was flushed out this morning.

So they are flushing again tomorrow and on Monday too. My poor horse. I can only hope that on Monday things look nice and clean and she can come home to me and that hole closes up and those teeth stay put.

Please please please let this be her future. She doesn't deserve any of this. It is like being on a roller coaster, except it is not me on it, it's her and I can't find anyone to stop it to get her off so I just stand by and every time the carriage comes past I just shout to her to hold on.

That is a ridiculous analogy. Could you imagine a horse on a roller coaster? But anyway.

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TeresaA said...

I think that some horses would love roller coasters..
but not this one! I hope that this is it for you two