Wednesday, 11 June 2014


A friend of mine lost her beautiful young mare on Sunday. She broke her leg in the paddock. She was only 6 or 7 years old I think, the grey mare was still quite dark with dapples.

What I have been dreading, what I have been terrified of, has just happened to my wonderful friend. Life is unfair, horses are unfair, I am so sad and angry and and and... I do not know what. But this should never have happened to her. To them. Why? Why did this even happen at all? She didn't deserve this. She takes meticulous care of her horses. How do you even prevent an injuy like that?

Go and hug your ponies. Ride them. Love them. Watch them for hours, kiss their soft velvety noses. Do not leave even one day wasted. If you are feeling lazy or there is a drizzle of rain or your bed is extra warm and comfy, I do not care. Get your arse to the paddock and ride your horse, for the rest of us who can not.

Get out there and pursue your dreams with your ponies because they could be gone just like that.

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Dom said...

Sometimes I think horses are only here to break our hearts. How awful :(