Tuesday, 1 April 2014


The outpouring of love and understanding I have received since Allie's diagnosis has astounded me.

Last week (in the middle of it all) I started a brand new job, still with the same company but a whole new team and a new location. I had to go home on Tuesday because I was an emotional wreck - and my new team all understood 100%. They have been very kind about my emotional state and have tried to keep me busy and happy. What a welcome!

Not ONE of my clients have had a whine that I have quit trimming. I have left them all in the lurch, having to find new barefoot trimmer (we are few and far between!) to take care of their horses. Not one of them have made that my problem. They have all asked me if there is anything they could do for me, anything at all. All I have to do is ask. Gosh I love my clients. I hope I can get back to trimming sooner rather than later.

My family and friends have been amazing too. You couldn't ask any more from them. Andrew especially. He hates wasting money and we have fought over every large horsey item I have spent thousands on (float, saddles, my truck, trimming gear). But this time, he is 100% with me. If we need to spend some money, we already have it there and he is (not happily, I'm sure) ok with keeping some aside and having our dream of home ownership pushed further away again. What an amazing husband.

And you - the blogging community - are just fabulous. Your comments have helped me in more ways than you will know. Your solidarity, even offers to help financially (!!!) mean the world to me. I feel like I am surrounded by supporters and that I am in no way alone. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I may not be the most frequent writer, nor the funniest, or talented, or even interesting. But you guys are there and you have my back. <3


L.Williams said...

Big hugs and good thoughts your way.

Dom said...

I am glad that the support extends further than the blogosphere. It sounds like you're surrounded by amazing people in this very difficult time.