Friday, 25 April 2014

Another Update

Christine just called me. Allie ate all her dinner last night! I can't believe it!

They pulled half the pack out yesterday and the rest today. There was almost no bleeding involved. She was radiographed and Christine said there was a big feeling of relief as radiographically it looks like they got it all!!!!!!

After that they put the gag on her and the dental pack seems to be holding well. On Monday she's going to scope her to see if there is any food getting through to the sinus and if not then she can come home - huzzah!! If there is then there may need to be some flushing so that means a longer hospital stay.

She is being taken off the injectable antibiotics and being put onto pasted sulprim (she hates it). She is only getting bite once a day now.

I'm still holding my breath but I'm astounded with how well this is all going. So far so good! All your prayers and good vibes and thoughts are working guys. Thank you so much.

I'm off to visit Allie this afternoon. More piccies then.


Carly said...

Great news!

Val said...

So happy for you!