Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Tack Review - Equilibrium Tri-Zone Over Reach Boots

Last week my old bell boots died. They were rubber ones with velcro, white in colour with fluffy protection from rubbing around the top and I thought they looked pretty before they turned yellow and the velcro fell off. After 2 months.

So I thought I would try some heavy duty bell boots and I ended up buying these:

Equilibrium Tri-Zone Over Reach Boots

I bought them from Horseland for $69.95. The Professionals Choice version of these boots were a little cheaper but I liked the fit of these ones better.

I have ridden with them a few times now and thought I would do a little tack review.

What I like:
  • Double velcro fastening with an extra little tab so it is easy to pull off.
  • No-turn knob that sits between the lateral cartilages at the back of the foot prevents the boot from spinning (you can spin it if you use a little force with your hand but they haven't moved yet while I have been riding).
  • The velcro is pretty strong.
  • There is a thick, harder heavy duty padding over the heels.
What I don't like:
  • They are pretty ugly!
  • This is hard to describe but on the hoof the velcro seems to have been designed for a hoof that is not as round as Allie's at the front (i.e. the dorsal hoof wall) so the velcro tabs don't curve around perfectly. This doesn't affect the performance, it is just a little annoying.
  • They are designed to sit a little higher than traditional bell boots but princess pony is yet to have a rub.
Showing the heavy duty padding over the heel bulbs.
The, er... knobby bit.
So were they worth the money?

I think so, so far anyway. They seem pretty durable and for almost $70 so they bloody well should be. I expect them to last at least 12 months if I look after them properly. I'll let you know if they don't last as long as they look like they should.
Not Allie's hoof obviously. Showing the extra little pully-offy tabby thingy.

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