Friday, 14 September 2012

Starting to Stress Out

Last night Allie and I floated over to the indoor again. This time I hopped on with my favorite music playing from my earphones, a clear attitude and I made a conscious effort to ride Allie the way she needs me to.

We had a MUCH better school this time.

Her main problem at the moment is she is anticipating SO MUCH and therefore isn't moving forward into the contact all the time. Or even most of the times which frustrates me and makes me push her on which makes her rush. Vicious cycle ahoy!

Last night when she got fussy about going forward I made her move AND have her room in her face to move forward into. She would then reach down seeking the contact and I could pick her up again. By mid ride, I had her confidence in my hands back and we moved on to practicing parts of our upcoming test, especially changing our diagonal via kxm and our free walk via fxm.

She LOVES the free walk. Happy to reach all the way down to the ground for that contact. Nice! Medium walk on the other hand is super friggen fussy. Ann says I need to stop fussing at her with my hands but she still fusses badly, won't walk forward into the contact, takes tiny steps as soon as I pick up the reins. Last night was a lot better but still not a real medium walk. Sigh.

So I am starting to stress about my text on the 30th. It is at Sydney International Equestrian Centre (SIEC) and there will be HEAPS of good riders there with amazing horses and I am going to look like a noob. But I'm going anyway. Eek.

Anyway, have a crappy photo of Allie while we were having a quick break last night:


Adventures of the Super Ponies said...

You and Allie are awesome. You deserve to go to that big show!!! Can't wait to see the pictures!!

Lisa said...

Naw, thanks!! :)