Tuesday, 18 September 2012


This morning before work I was schooling Allie. We had worked left canter, tried (and sorta got) right canter then I was quickly cantering left again before trying the right lead the second time around.

To be honest it was all my fault - she was only going where I told her to go and at the last second before getting too close to the fence I asked her to turn a bit sharper than the wet grass could allow.

Cue my lovely language - "shit shit shit" and Allie's hind end fell out from under her and she landed on her left side with my leg trapped under her rib cage/saddle.

I don't remember us getting up but it was almost immediate. I walked her forward a few steps to get her away from the scene of the crime (my crime) to chill out.

"That is going to set us back weeks with her confidence" I thought to myself. After all the hard work we have been doing to get a balanced canter. I was (still am) so grumpy with myself for letting that happen.

After about 20 seconds I hopped back on fully intending to just have a little trot around to finish on. After about 2 trot strides Allie seemed to say "hey, weren't we working on the canter?" and promptly popped herself back into left lead canter and carried on LIKE NOTHING EVER HAPPENED.

Did I then get a nice right lead canter from her to finish on? You betcha.

I have the worlds best horse I swear. I fed her all the carrots left in my fridge (about a kilo) but she deserves so much more. What a champion mare.


Kelly said...

What a good mare! Glad no harm was done in the unfortunate fall!

Val said...

Whoops! I am glad you are okay. It is always scary when a horse falls. You must have done a great job conveying to her that everything was okay.

Lisa said...

I have many weaknesses in riding but one thing I am good at is making out like something potentially scary is no big deal. It's like my horsey super power or something lol!

I hope I keep it when I finally start jumping.