Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Pick Me Up

I just had a sub par schooling ride. I'm way overdue for a lesson I think. I'm super bummed about the way I rode tonight and feel like I am ruining my horse. I know I'm not but it's hard not to think that way sometimes.

How do you shake these feelings off? How do you get back on again the next day knowing you WILL get a different ride? Help me pick me up because I feel like scratching from my up coming test (wouldn't be the first time I panicked and wanted to scratch).

Allie says "Quit getting in my way and maybe I WILL canter to the right. Jeez".

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Adventures of the Super Ponies said...

I just hate days like those. I am a perfectionist and when I have a rough day I find myself wondering if I am good enough for my horse. I remember coming home in tears when Bre was young because I felt a mess and didn't think I was getting anywhere. I had one of those days with my young guy. He was wild and I felt like someone else would have been better for him. We just can let ourselves get into that mode!! You obviously love your horse and the pics show you are a pretty fantastic rider. If you can't always have a trainer watch you what about getting yourself video taped? That might help you zero in on a problem. At any rate tomorrow will be better and give yourself a big hug.