Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Quick Updates

- Natalie has started studying toward her equine massage therapist qualification. Part of it is horse industry studies, including riding. She has been taking Allie to TAFE (tertiary and further education I think it stands for) and Als has been a CHAMP! Being in a mass group lesson with about 12 other horses, with deer in the next paddock running around, tractors driving past. She acts like one of the school horses. So proud of her. :)
- Took Allie to some pony club grounds last Sat. Nat was at the beach so I went with some friends. Again, champ of a horse was calm, eager to please, jumped logs, cantered big circles, listened and was a general good citizen.
- Then last Sunday, Nat and I volunteered at the cross country and the show jumping for the eventing at Sydney International Equestrian Centre. We drove the morning tea golf buggy to all the jump judges, then we WERE jump judges, then we were gate marshals for the show jumping, all 3*. Got me really motivated to get going with Allie!
- Kittens are doing well. They are 3 weeks today, fluffy and adorable. I have some videos on my phone that I will share when I have a spare half hour. They are HARD WORK! Need to be fed every 6 hours, so I have been racing home on my lunch break and getting up at 2am for feeds. Their cuteness makes it worth it.

That is about it! Still heaps of rain, Gracie hasn't had much work but Nat rode her yesterday and she went well. Last day of summer today. We have been ripped off. Not looking forward to stupid wet cold winter.


sally said...

glad you had fun at the Sydney Show ....sounds very busy and I bet you learned heaps.Dont worry you haven't been the only ones ripped off with summer....been crap here in NZ too

OneHindResting said...

What a good girl Allie is! :) You're coming to SIEC endurance trainer/social, yeah? :D You're allowed to jump the jumps! (it's on the cross-country course)

(I think it's Technical and Further Education)