Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Don't you love tack sales?

Horseland had their annual clearance sale last weekend. I have only been once before but this year I had a few spare dollars so Nat and I went along.

It was in a big warehouse. When we walked in I had no idea where to start! We came up with a strategy so we wouldn't miss any tables and off we went. It took us about an hour and a half from one end to the other.

We mostly bought clothes for us - I got a pair of cream jods, Nat got some brown stickybums (we are both proud to be a size smaller too!!). New medicine boots for Allie, jodphur boots for both of us, nice brown leather gaiters for Nat. Cheap vet wrap, gauze, Elastoplast. Riding tops and little reflective bands for their halters for when they are in the float. All at least 40% off.

It was so much fun getting home and trying it all on and putting it away! I love horsey sales.


Funder said...

Nice haul!

The endurance national convention is this weekend, and I'm looking forward to "stimulating the economy' myself. ;)

sally said...

what a great shopping spree!!!

OneHindResting said...

Now I understand why there was nothing left when I went there on Monday! :P

I have those gaiters in black - I really like how soft they are! ;)

Ruffles said...

the best kind of shopping ever . . .