Sunday, 19 February 2012


We were cleaning out our hay stable and we found a litter of flea ridden kittens!

They are about 10 days old. I couldn't just put them back (needed to throw out the box their mother birthed them in, spiders and snakes made me worry, didn't want them growing up to be even more feral cats around my place etc etc plus they are CUTE!) so we took them down to the vets. They need 2 hourly bottle feeding, and a couple seem to have cat flu. Because of this, the vets said they would have trouble finding foster carers and would probably have them PTS.

Bleeding heart over here has taken them on. So now I am the proud mother of 6 baby kittens. Wish me luck!


Funder said...

SQUEEEEEE ohemgee you gotta take a bazillion pics as they grow up. Mail me one! Or two, I'll take two!

Dom said...

They are adorable... and luck you found them and took them in!