Thursday, 1 September 2011

Spring spring spring spring spring!!!!!


I am so excited for spring. Spring means to me the anticipation of daylight savings, feed costing less, warm sunny days while still getting a good nights sleep. It means currying your horse til your arm falls off, while your horse looks less patchy every day. Perfect riding (and trimming) weather. The water trough being emptier at the end of the day than you have seen it in months. Grass, clover, bees and the beginning of flies (where do they go in winter?!). Rugging less and less until that magical night where they stay naked and you know you are on the home stretch for summer.

We got Gracie in spring.

Spring is happy geldings sniffing mare pee.

Spring is fat happy ponies.

Spring is playing in the dam!

I love spring. I really do.

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