Monday, 5 September 2011

Oh, mares!

I house sat for Lisa over the weekend while she went away with her husband for their wedding anniversary. 

I had full intentions of riding on Saturday, but while I waited for my partner to get back I decided to bandage up the girls and take some photos. As soon as the camera came out they gave themselves enough of a workout that I didn't have to get on. I think they associate the camera with hard work, so lucky for me I didn't have to do much chasing to get some good shots, lol!

On to the photos!

Hi mum!

Would be nice to get some trot work like this under saddle -.-

Hover pony - voo woo woo woo

She's a silly twit :p

So graceful Allie

Allie's starting to grow some balls and stand up for herself lol!

The invisible creek they have made up in their minds

Gracie the two legged horse

having a break

"I'm gunna getcha!"

Albal the rocking horse

Sometimes the pretty warmblood Allie comes out to play

My little dog eddie (nick named eddie peg-leggie, or just eggie). He lives with Lese as a companion dog for Chakra. They grew up together and we don't have the heart to separate them.


Funder said...

OMG, Gracie's trot is outstanding! If you ever get tired of eventing, she could *fly* as an endurance horse :)

Natalie said...

Thanks Funder! Endurance is definitely something I'm considering for her. She loves being out front on rides too, shell happily trot at a steady pace on trails..