Tuesday, 6 September 2011

I need a Real Plan

So I bought this four year old mare to event in the future. This
month, on the 25th, she turns 5 and in November, I would have had her
for a whole year.

I need a Real Plan, not just this wishy washy vague idea of where I
want to end up. I know that this year has been all about confidence
building, getting them out and about a little, getting to know Allie
but now that winter is finally over I need a game plan.

We have tried our best to get them out on the float, and I think we
have done well considering we don't own a float or a tow vehicle.
Allie and I have had only one dressage lesson and are way overdue for
another. At home, it is very hard to school as we don't have an arena,
just a lumpy round spot of grassy area that is relatively clear of

This summer, I would ideally like to:

- have monthly dressage lessons with Ann. I need Allie solid in walk,
trot, canter, transitions from gait to gait and preferably starting to
transition within the gaits too.
- go out to at least 1 dressage day and do the easiest peasiest test out there.
- school at home at lease twice during the week, then one road ride per
week after work and one ride somewhere (lesson, visit friend, bigger
road ride) on a Saturday.
- I want her ready to send off to be introduced to jumping in winter.
I have no idea who I would send her to but I am not confident at all
teaching her how to jump when previously I have only been the
passenger with her eyes closed throwing the reins at the horses face
to avoid bopping them in the mouth over fences. Then, while she is
being trained, I will have some jump lessons on a schoolmaster.

What do you think? What else should a 5 year old future event horse be
doing over her 5yo summer to get her on track? What should I be doing
as a rider to develop myself further? Please, leave a comment an give
me some pointers, I need it!! :) I must add that I don't intend on eventing properly until she is 6 and my goals are to event at preliminary (in Australia, jumping to 0.95 or 3.11 feet). If we absolutely love eventing and Allie is a superstar, we might move up to pre novice (1.05 or 3.44 feet). But I doubt it.

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