Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Have I finally done it?

My horse does not like to eat that much. She is the only horse I have ever met that just doesn't care about food. The first thing she does with her feed bucket is pick it up with her teeth and fling it across the paddock, spreading her feed everywhere and stomping it into the dirt and mud, where she leaves it. What a waste of money.

I have been trying different solutions - heavier feed bucket, big rocks in the feed bucket, pouring the feed onto hay (she just poops in it then), and now I have gone to the bucket wall (fence) brace. For two nights in a row now she has actually settled to eat her entire dinner by the morning, only leaving barely a mouthful. Have I finally won the Allie vs. Lisa great feed standoff?

God I hope so - she is burning a hole in my pocket that leaks straight into the feed store's bank account.

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